Noble Veterinary Clinic

36 Barnes Ct.
Hayward, CA 94544





“We have been a long time customer of Noble Vet and Dr. Singer for many, many years and many pets. From minor medical to major medical issues, the entire staff has shown nothing but top care and love for our pets and us. We would never take our pets any where else and highly recommend Noble Vet. Dr. Singer and staff are honest, friendly and compassionate.

KenoThank you for all you have done for us and all of our fur babies!!”

-Gina D & Cindy B


“My dogs have been taken care of by doctor Singer ever since he came to Noble Veterinary Clinic. Dr Singer has always shown concern for the well being and health of my dogs. He and his staff has always been there whenever I needed them to take care of my dogs.”

black and brown dog brown dog black and brown dog black and brown dog

-Kenneth F



“Dr. Carl Singer has taken care of my family’s love-dog Cisco for years. The place is always clean, the staff is always courteous, and Dr. Singer is a contributing members of the animal rescue community, which I greatly appreciate. His clinic is conveniently located to the animal shelter where I volunteer too.”

-Anna M.



“My husband and I began going to Noble Vet after moving to Hayward a few years ago. In my experience with veterinary service providers, none have come close to matching Noble Vet’s professionalism, responsiveness, and accommodation for busy work schedules. Dr. Carl is truly committed to his clients (both human and animal) and always makes himself available, many times after hours or with limited advanced notice.

Our dogs are literally our children and we trust Noble Vet and Dr. Carl with all of their needs. When we moved to Hayward, we only had Rupert, a twelve-pound mini schnauzer with a big attitude. From routine check-ups and vaccinations to treating “schnauzer bumps” (a breed-specific skin condition) to foxtail removal and teeth cleanings, Noble Vet and Dr. Carl have taken such great care of Rupert. One evening, very recently, I noticed that Rupert was unable to open one of his eyes. I immediately called Noble Vet and luckily, though staff had gone home, I was able to get a hold of Dr. Carl who waited for me to bring Rupert in and quickly flushed out his eye and gave me medicated drops. This level of veterinary commitment and care is almost unheard of in the Bay Area.

Our second child, Tomás, is a mixed terrier breed who was neglected by his former owners (our neighbors). He had never been to a vet before we brought him to Noble. Tomás needed a lot of care; he had an ear virus, stomach worm, several extra baby teeth, was not neutered, and shed copious amounts of hair due to a poor diet. After all of Tomás’ procedures, Dr. Carl followed up with a house visit to check on the progress of his recovery. Despite Tomás state (wearing a cone, having just been neutered, and with several teeth pulled), he was so happy to see and cuddle with Dr. Carl.

Needless to say, we highly recommend Noble Vet to anyone who is looking for unsurpassable client service, responsiveness, and care for their pet. My husband and I feel safe and secure knowing that we have Dr. Carl and Noble Vet to support the health and wellbeing of our beloved boys.”

-Rachel Z 



“My name is Randy Wright and my “little boy” is named Zipper, a West Highland Terrier. Ever since the doggy stork delivered Zipper into my home as a puppy, Dr. Singer has been his Vet from DAY 1. Today Zipper is a healthy 9 year old still playing and acting like a puppy thanks to Dr. Singer’s care and guidance. Regular checkups, diet consultation from Dr. Singer has kept Zipper a healthy vital pet for me these past 9 years and I look forward to many more years with Zipper and Dr. Singer at Noble Vet Clinic. Dr. Singer’s sincere devotion and love for animals is obvious and there was never any reason to have my dog Zipper ever treated by anyone else, besides he even LIKES going to Noble Vet Clinic!”

-Randy W.